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South Medford High School
1551 Cunningham Avenue
Medford, OR 97501
Phone: (541) 842-3680
Fax: (541) 842-1513
Contact: Damian Crowson, Principal
Hours: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Freshman Academy Open Honors Contract 2009-2010

By reading and signing this contract, it is a sign of acceptance and agreement with the academic and behavioral expectations required for the designation of “honors” in this course of study.
Academic Expectations
Honors students will show maturity and integrity in their work by
  • working with academic honesty - citing sources and avoiding plagiarism
  • when necessary, working independently from the teacher, staying on task to complete their work in a timely manner
  • maintaining a high level of academics within the class
  • maintaining a portfolio of completed work as evidence of work quality
  • maintaining a minimum grade of B (80%) to attain honors designation

Assignments will be handled in the following manner: They will be

  • completed and turned in on time. Late work will be assigned less credit as outlined in the Student Handbook for SMHS.
  • written in ink and formatted in the style shown in Connections and English 1 classes
  • completed using the writing process, including a rough draft with a final copy for writing assignments
  • scored according to the state and district writing rubric, with honors work striving for a level of 5 on that rubric
  • a mixture of the regular class work and specific projects. Honors students have the option of doing assignments in an individualized manner as befits their learning style and academic capabilities with prior approval from the instructor.
Behavioral Expectations
Honors students are able to work in a mature and independent manner, whether in the classroom or working outside of the classroom. They will continue and maintain a positive and productive working relationship with peers within the classroom setting according to classroom expectations, but they will also be able to work outside of the classroom when necessary in a manner following school rules and expectations.
Honors students will independently check for missing work after an absence and double check with the teacher for instructions regarding that work.
Honors students are expected to participate in discussions, to be actively involved in group work, and to be a leader within the combined level classroom.
Honors students will keep a portfolio of their work and will periodically write a persuasive paper explaining why they should earn honors designation based on specific work samples.
Regular attendance is expected. If an absence is planned, students are expected to communicate this to their teacher in advance to get information on assignments or activities.

  549C Medford School District

Medford School District 549C Mission Statement
We are a high quality teaching and learning organization dedicated to preparing all students to graduate
with a sound educational foundation, ready to succeed in post-secondary education, and to be contributing community members.

Medford Public Schools 549C recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups and their roles in society and our community.
It is the policy of the Medford School Board that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups on the grounds of age, color, creed, disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation in any educational programs, activities or employment.
For District Federal Title Program compliance, please contact the Office of Federal Programs: (541) 842-3633
For District Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act compliance, please contact the Office of Special Education & Student Services: (541) 842-3628
For District American Disabilities Act compliance, please contact the Office of Human Resources: (541) 842-3625


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