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1900 North Keene Way Drive
Medford, OR 97504
Phone: (541) 842-3670
Fax: (541) 842-5206
Contact: Dan Smith, Principal
Hours: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

North Medford High School Planetarium


About the Planetarium
The Planetarium was constructed by Spitz Inc. in 1967 with a grant from the Federal Apollo Program. The 80 seat Planetarium has seen almost continuous use for 46 years and is located at the southwest corner of the Science Building.  The Science Building is located between the Gymnasium and the Technical Arts Building.

      - Mr. Robert Black, Astronomy Teacher/Planetarium Director 2002-Present


Click here to check out the Planetarium Photos!

Available Programs
Planetarium programs last approximately 75 minutes and cost $80. The traditional start time is 9:00am, however this time can be adjusted by request.

  • Early Elementary (1st-2nd Grade)
    This program is designed to introduce the wonders of the sky to a curious young audience. Topics include: the sun, moon, planets, stars, and constellations with an emphasis on the stories associated with Greek Mythology. Programs also include current NASA Missions of Exploration
  • Intermediate Elementary (3rd-4th Grade)
    This program is design to introduce, teach and reinforce 3rd Grade Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (OAKS) Standards. Topics include: Orienteering, Day/Night Cycles, Seasons, Solar Cycles, Phases of the Moon, planets and their orbits, constellations and sky lore, and current NASA Missions of Exploration. This program is specifically designed to describe how forces  cause changes in an object's motion and speed (3.2P.1) and identify Earth as a planet and describe its seasonal weather patterns of temperature (3.2E.1).
  • Upper Elementary ( 5th-6th Grade) 
    This program is designed to cover the Earth in Space objectives of the Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills Test. These topics include: Description of the Sun-Earth System (5.1E.1), Explain how energy from the sun affects Earth's weather and climate (5.2E.1), How friction, gravity, and magnetic forces affect objects on or near Earth ( 5.2p.1), and a description of the properties of our solar system and compare the position of the sun within the solar system, galaxy, and universe (6.1E.2).  Also included will be rocket science, life cycle of stars, and the study of constellations.

How to Schedule a Program:

  1. Select the program that fits your grade level
  2. Select the date (look at the calendar below for availability)
  3. E-mail Mr. Black ( or phone (541) 842-5308
    You will receive an e-mail confirmation of the date and time of your program.

Planetarium Etiquette:

  • No food, drinks or gum are allowed 
  • Students should keep their feet off of the back of the seats
  • Remind students to be quiet while the teacher is instructing
  • If you will be late for your program call or e-mail the Planetarium Director
  • New Rule: No shoes that" light up" as they distract from our view of the sky!

2015-2016  Planetarium Calendar: Programs are from 9:00am-10:15 am. The time listed is the earliest time available. Start times may vary but must be no later than 9:30am.




Scheduled Presentation

 Sept. 16th     7:00pm Southern Oregon SkyWatchers

 Sept. 23rd     9:00am

Walker Elem. 5th Grade  Morgan Cottle

 Sept. 28th


 Oct. 1st        9:30am Howard 3rd Grade  Cheryl Lashley
 Oct. 6th        9:00am Rogue Valley Adventist 3/4th Grade Krystal Gregory
 Oct. 9th        9:30am Howard 3rd Grade  Cheryl Lashley
 Oct. 14th     9:00am Jackson Elem. 5th Grade  Sara Major
 Oct. 19th     9:15am Hoover Elem. 6th Grade   Patti De Simone
 Oct. 21st     7:00pm Southern Oregon SkyWatchers
 Oct. 22nd    9:15am Hoover Elem. 6th Grade   Patti De Simone
 Oct. 27th     9:15am Hoover Elem. 6th Grade   Patti De Simone
 Oct. 30th     9:00am Roosevelt Elem. 3rd Grade  Sandra Anderson
 Nov. 4th      9:00am Lincoln Elem. 2nd Grade  Shelly Childers
 Nov. 10th    9:00am Kennedy Elem.  6th Grade  Nicholas Dunn
 Nov. 17th    9:00am Jackson Elem. 3rd Grade     Laura Reyes
 Nov. 18th    7:00pm Southern Oregon SkyWatchers
 Nov. 20th    9:00am Jackson Elem. 5th Grade   Alex Hamilton
 Nov. 25th    9:00am Jacksonville Elem. 3rd Grade  Riki Bednar
 Dec. 2nd      9:00am Jacksonville Elem. 3rd /4th Grade Kim Doering
 Dec. 10th     9:00am Mae Richardson 5th Grade  Lori Raddatz
 Dec. 15th     9:00am Mae Richardson 5th Grade  Lori Raddatz
 Dec. 16th     7:00pm Southern Oregon SkyWatchers

 Dec. 18th     9:00am

Hoover Elem. 1st Grade   Young / Meymudes
 Jan. 6th       9:00am Hoover Elem. 1st Grade   Nichols / Durst
 Jan. 11th     9:00am Oak Grove Elem. 5th Grade Cindy Woodard
 Jan. 14th     9:00am Hoover Elem. 3rd Grade  Jason Bingham
 Jan. 20th    7:00pm Sothern Oregon SkyWatchers
 Jan. 20th    9:00am Oak Grove Elem. 5th Grade Michele Parr
 Jan. 25th    9:00am  Ruch School 1st / 2nd Grade  Kim Neiswanger
 Jan. 28th    9:00am Hoover Elem. 3rd Grade Jason Bingham
 Feb. 3rd     9:00am Phoenix Elem. 3rd Grade  Dan Preskenis
 Feb. 9th     9:00am Lincoln Elem. 5th Grade  Jennifer Sweet
 Feb. 12th   9:00am Jefferson Elem. 3rd Grade Sarah Jones
 Feb. 17th   7:00pm Southern Oregon SkyWatchers
 Feb. 18th   9:00am Griffin Creek Elem. 5th Grade Jenna Dode
 Feb. 23rd   9:00am Lincoln Elem. 1st Grade  Laurie Staff
 Feb. 26th   9:00am Griffin Creek Elem. 5th Grade Jenna Dode
 March 7th   9:00am Jacksonville Elem. 5th Grade  Karen Garske
 March 10th 9:00am Jefferson Elem. 1st/2nd Grade  Shellie Schaan
 March 16th  9:00am Jacksonville 1st Grade Corrin Stratton
 March 16th  7:00pm Southern Oregon SkyWatchers
 March 31st  9:00am Wilson Elem. 5th Grade  Lori Ross
 April 5th      9:00am Kennedy Elem. 4th Grade Courtney Pickett
 April 11th    9:00am Lone Pine Elem. 3rd Grade Madolyn Molloy
 April 14th    9:00am Lone Pine Elem. 3rd Grade Madolyn Molloy
 April 20th    9:00am Kennedy Elem. 4th Grade Courtney Pickett
 April 20th    7:00pm Southern Oregon SkyWatchers
 April 25th  
 April 28th     9:00am Logos Charter School 3rd-5th Grade Kristal Nehf
 May 3rd        9:15am Lone Pine Elem. 5th Grade  Jason Triplett
 May 6th        9:00am Ruch Elem. 5th / 6th Grade  Jennifer Drane
 May 16th  
 May 18th      7:00pm Southern Oregon SkyWatchers
 May 19th      9:00am Ruch School 7th / 8th Grade  Jennifer Drane
 May 24th      9:15am John Muir School 4th/5th Grade  Nasser Rihan
 May 27th      9:15am Lone Pine Elem. 5th Grade  Barry Hamilton

SOFIA - Stratospheric Observatory for Infra-Red Astronomy.

In May of 2014 North Medford Astronomy teacher Robert Black flew on board NASA's Stratospheric observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) with a team of educators. The educators observed SOFIA scientists studying star forming regions and a unique stellar merger during the flight. Follow along as they see infrared astronomy in action.
To learn more about Mr. Black's experience at NASA go to:
Learn more about this program at:


Looking to the Stars

Taber MacCallum

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